Monday, February 2, 2009

The Danger of Going Backwards

Well, not much to report on the "Connections" front, this week. I just felt like talking about the fact that, a few months ago, in an effort to get to know Emily better, I decided to write a short story about how/when she met Jacopo in Venezia.

That short story (currently called "Alternate Rialto") was planned to be 15,000 words. However, it has blossomed into a full-fledged novella of its own, spanning approximately fifteen chapters and more than 31,000 words. My CP, Nell, has helped guide me through it, offered great advice, and given me the confidence to continue forward with the tale. I'm enjoying it immensely, as are a handful of readers I've let it go out to.

With this event have come a handful of problems, though.

Problem #1: It is now more than twice as long as the revised version of "Connections" that presently appears on

Problem #2: It is quite a bit different from "Connections," particularly in that there are a number of "love scenes" therein.

Problem #3: I have come to the conclusion that I must now combine this tale with "Connections" and the just-getting-underway "A Milano", and the projected "Bentornato a Bologna", which completes Emily's story.

What's an over-ambitious writer to do? I had originally intended to send "Alternate Rialto" out to e-pubs when it's done, but now I don't know what to do.

Hold on to it until I've finished the others?

Send it to publishers who will keep the rights only for a short while?

Mention the other stories when subbing "AR", in hopes that the publisher will be interested in picking all four up?

I'm too much of a newbie to find my way alone! HELP!

But find my way, I will. Indeed, I will. This story will be shared!


Just a thought.

Unfortunately, I haven't been spending enough time on Authonomy, lately to keep my story climbing. The privilege of being one of the "HC12" has paled a bit, as well. Still, several writers have been picked up via the site, so I'll continue for a while, there. But I have to be productive and proactive, lest I fall behind even further.

But the writing is first priority, right now. Get the stories done, do them well, and hope I can find them a good home where people will find them and love them as much as I do.

Fingers crossed!